• Massoud Foundation & Humanitarian Assistance

    Massoud Foundation is honored, that up until now, it has been able to extend its humanitarian aids to the neediest all around Afghanistan. It has also, along the cultural works and dissemination of publications with extra printed material, nation-wide, provided other services to the public regularly. Massoud Foundation by the cooperation of Mr. Barrak Qaderi Company has become able to support seventy students in their schooling needs. The campaign for such humanitarian and cultural support is going to continue and with God assistance it will also be extended to other parts of Afghanistan.

  • Health Care & Massoud Foundation

    Paying a close attention to health care all around the country is one of the most important cause and steps in Massoud Foundation programs, concerning patients and treatment. In order to provide satisfied and professionally convincing services to patients and people who refer to medical centers regularly. We should also have the right medical staff at every clinical center in every province. While the Foundation, has already founded the medical centers in six of Afghan provinces for public treatment. The essential medical policy and attention of Massoud Foundation in treating the patients is to give them satisfactory treatment and feeling about their physical and mental health, or well being in general. Massoud Foundation with limited medical supply and a huge demand accept and help to treat as many patients as it can.

  • Sports & Massoud Foundation

    Massoud Foundation’s campaign, in supporting the common making of sport in the new era of our country’s post wars development activity it is an important policy. It also is supporting to extend the sports and the teaming, in different field of supports in other provinces. So far it has been successful in expanding the field as widely as it can be possible nation-wide. In Afghanistan for thousand of years all kinds of sports have been played and Afghans traditionally were fond of sports in their country.

About Masoud Foundation

The Massoud Foundation, established in 2003, is an independent, non-aligned, non-profitable and non-political organization which is the product of the mindsets of an elite Afghan group, for the realization of socially valuable lofty goals determined to heal the wounds and soothe the social pains and discomforts and redirect the national potentials and capacities towards the development of the deprived cross-section of Afghan society firstly by the creation of an economically self-sufficient and self-reliable society and secondly by founding an Afghan society garnished with moderate Islam

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